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Magia S.r.l. Unipersonale, a society incorporated under Italian law with VAT 01561070333 and having its registered office in Via Cerri, 9/A – 29122 Piacenza – Italia, Italy (from here-on referred to as the Company) has developed the following policy on Internet privacy to bring its activity in line with that of trustworthy organizations that ensure, maintain and respect the privacy rights of the on-line visitor.

The Company is the owner (from here-on referred to as Proprietor) responsible for the processing of personal data collected from its website (from here-on referred to as the Website) in accordance with Article 28 of the Legislative Decree of 30 June 2003, number 196 (Code for the processing of personal data). The Proprietor will treat the data collected from the Website for the purposes and in the modes specified below.

Data collection and treatment of data

The Proprietor will collect and treat only personal data that has been voluntarily supplied by visitors to the Website. Visitors are able to navigate the Website without having to submit personal data. Individual visitors can choose to supply personal data to the Proprietor in order to obtain information regarding services provided on the Website. Once registered, the personal data collected shall be used solely for the services indicated.

Visitors to the Website may supply their personal data:

  • to subscribe to the Website’s Newsletter
  • to receive information or be contacted regarding the services provided on the Website
  • to participate in initiatives promoted on the Website

Communication to a Third Party

Personal data will be subject to communication to Agencies and/or Institutions in compliance with the Law, and to Judicial Authorities in response to specific requests.

The Proprietor does not deliberately collate sensitive personal or judicial data via its Website.

Sensitive data, under Article 4 of the Code for the processing of personal data, include information regarding racial and ethnic origins; religious, philosophical or other convictions; political opinions, membership of a political party or Workers Unions; religious, philosophical, Unionist associations or organizations; as well as information that reveals one’s state of health or sexual preferences.

Judicial data, under Article 4 of the Code for the processing of personal data, include information that (under Article 3, comma 1, letters a to or to u, of the D.P.R. of 14 November 2002, number 313) reveal measures taken on criminals, administrative register of offense-related sanctions and related charges, the quality of the accused or suspect under Articles 60 and 61 of The Code of Criminal Procedure.

It is recommended not to provide this type of information via the Website. In the case that this information is required (for example, when subscribing to a protected category, sending a Curriculum Vitae for the purpose of employment, in response to a job advertisement, or as an expression of interest in working with the Company) we invite you to write to us using Registered Post, including your written consent to use this sensitive data.

Links with other websites

You should be aware that the Website might have links to other sites that are not governed by the same Privacy Policy.

Data retention

Information and personal data collected on the Website, including data willingly supplied using the Website’s forms in order to receive information and material, will be kept for the sole use of providing the service requested and only for as long as the service is required. Once the service has been provided, all data shall be destroyed in compliance with the policies that govern the conservation of personal information except if otherwise requested by the owner of the data, if required by Law, or if indicated on the current Policy for specific sections of the Portal.

The rights of the individual

  • Access
  • Correction
  • Oblivion
  • Limitation
  • Opposition
  • Portability

Data controller: email address

Cookie Policy

To optimize the function of the Website, we sometimes use small files called “Cookies”. Cookies are small text files that websites save on the computer or mobile device when you visit a site. Thanks to these Cookies, the website remembers your actions and preferences (for example, login, language, fonts and other settings) so that you do not have to re-insert the details the next time you visit or when you view another page.

A.1. Cookies

The Website uses both its own Cookies as well as those belonging to Third Parties. Our Cookies are used to navigate the site and allow access to protected and reserved areas. The duration of these Cookies is generally limited to an individual viewing session and are cancelled on closing the browser. The Website Cookies are essential and cannot be disabled, as it would preclude the correct functioning of the site.

Third Party Cookies, however, may have other functions: statistical analysis, social interaction, viewing videos, memorization of details to provide targeted publicity. The Proprietor does not directly control these Cookies and to disable them, it is necessary to follow the instructions supplied by their owners.

Generally, all Cookies can be completely disabled on your browser at any time following the instructions outlined in point A.3

A.2. Cookies used on the Website

Below, you will find a list of the Cookies that may be used on the Website.

– Proprietary Technical Cookies

The Website creates technical Cookies to ensure the correct functioning of the site, and to facilitate navigation for the user. In particular, session Cookies are created to permit access to reserved areas and navigation Cookies, to facilitate basic content for the user. These Cookies are automatically removed when you close your browser or they can be removed following the procedure outlined in A.3.


  • Google Analytics with anonymized ip
  • Monitoring conversione of AdWords
  • Google Fonts
  • Embedded content (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google+…)

A.3 Managing Cookies in your Browser

The user can block or limit the reception of individual Cookies using the options available on the browser.